solar panels

What It Takes To Live Off The Grid

To have a home that is independent of all forms of public utilities such as municipal power is not easy. However, it is possible to get your home off the grid and achieve total control over what you use if you have the right accessories. Here are some essential requirements for an off the grid life.

Have a solar panel

solar panel

Electricity is one of the most important aspects of any home. You can have your home electrically powered without connecting to the grid. In this case, you should invest in a solar panel to supply you with renewable energy from the sun. Ideally, solar panels use the sun to feed the charge controller. In return, the latter charges the battery’s power bank. All these should take place during the day and later, the system is discharged as stored energy is used for domestic purposes.

You should know the number of electrical appliances you have and calculate their power needs. This will enable you to compute power requirements and buy a solar panel that will be able to meet your energy demands.

But a solar cooker

Instead of using solar generated power for cooking you can consider having solar cookers for your off the grid home. Solar cookers are ideal for grilling, frying, stewing, simmering among other cooking methods. It is an environmentally friendly cooking method. Best of it all, it is economical and fast to use.

Composting toilet

Since you have decided to go off the grid, way you have to devise means of disposing of human waste in the best way possible. Composting toilets use the natural organic means to decompose waste. After composition, the nutrients are later evaporated and recycled. The recycled nutrients can be used as organic manure for your farm. If decomposition is done correctly, the final product will certainly be free from all forms of contamination.

Self-charging bicycle

panelThis is another major asset to have if you are considering to have an off the grid home. This type of bike charges itself when riding. This implies that you will not require visiting the gas station for fuelling needs. Besides, in the case of power shortage, you can use the solar panel to power it.

Manual- powered washing machine

This is another valuable asset for an off the grid home. It is an easy and a cheap option of washing clothes compared to other forms of laundry cleaning. More to this, it allows you to exercise as you spin the machine.