Opportunities to Volunteer

The Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre has become a vibrant, active and positive presence within this community and it wouldn’t have happened without our wonderful volunteers.
Recognize any of your friends or neighbours in this list of Welcome Desk and program volunteers who have been helping out the Centre this fall?

Gina Atkinson , Jonathan Bedier, Martha Boyce, Connie Buck, Sheila Carew, Jennifer Clark, Michelle Coburn, Barb Doran, Katelyn Field, Jessica Field, Carol Graham, Emma & Megan Grittani-Livingston, Maria Harraghy, Adam Heller, Sue Henderson, Laura Hughes, Jacquie Hunt, Anne James, Carol MacLellan, Gloria MacMahon, Peter McMulkin, Wish Odell, Andrew Parks, Claire Paterson, Jane Raisch, Steph Rawson, Betty Richardson, Wendy Riggins, Daniel Tashif-Neil, Donna Tranquada, Joyce Vopni, Barb Warner, Tina Weston

We’d love you to join our volunteer team as well:

1. As a Welcome Desk Volunteer: We always need new recruits to help greet participants, answer the phone and keep the paperwork moving. Two-hour daytime, late afternoon (students) or evening shifts once a week are available.

2. As an assistant at our Registration Evenings: We need volunteers to help with Adult registration on January 8th. Volunteers will be accepted on a first-call basis. Please call Ruth LeBar at (416)488-3446 if you would like to offer your help!

3. As a Publicity helper to assist in getting program and event flyers out into the community or helping with the odd pick-up and delivery as needed.

To discuss any of these opportunities or any other ways you can help out, call (416)488-3446 and speak with Ruth LeBar or Anne Rawson.