Background Information on the Centre

The Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre is the vision of Fairlawn Heights United Church (F.H.U.C.) and has been made possible by their generous gift of space. Following extensive research and consultation with the community, the Centre opened on January 20, 1997 and since that time has welcomed over 9900 members and offered more than 2000 programs. The Centre is a non-profit corporation with full charitable status. It is financially independent from F.H.U.C. and funded on a user-pay basis.

The Centre offers a unique variety of non-denominational programming for all ages: structured programs that are fee based and require advanced registration and educational drop-in programs where no pre-registration is required and there are no fees beyond a contribution to refreshments. The Centre is overseen by a Board of Directors made up of appointed F.H.U.C. members and elected representatives from the community.

Year-end Tax Advantages When You Donate to
The Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre

Need to reduce your taxes? Want to pay fewer taxes on capital gains? Looking for a way to support and sustain the great community services offered by The Fairlawn Neighbourhood Centre( FNC)? Consider a donation to the Centre in 2001 and receive an official tax receipt in return!
1. WRITE A CHEQUE: As an individual you will receive a federal tax credit equal to 17% of the first $200 you give to a registered charity and 29% credit for any donations you make in excess of $200. The more you give the greater your tax credit …right off the bottom line! For example, if you make a $500 donation to the FNC your tax credit would be as follows: 17% of first $200=$34 plus 29% of remaining donation $300= $87 or a total tax credit of $121 applied to income tax owed.
2. DONATE A PUBLICLY TRADED SECURITY: In addition to receiving a tax credit for the value of the shares donated, if the disposition of the security has resulted in a capital gain, you now include in your income and pay taxes on only 37.5% of the capital gain on these gifts.
3. MAKE A DONATION TO ROBERTSON HOUSE: Support our goal of bringing musical programming to these inner city toddlers. Earmark your donation (any size) to Robertson House. It will allow us to continue this outreach program until June. You’ll receive an official tax receipt for your donation.

We’re ready to put your charitable donation to work in a way that will make a difference!