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In homes with babies, security cameras need to factor the safety of the babies. Baby monitors are increasingly becoming a must have item for homes. The video monitors enable the parents to have peace while their little ones are deep in sleep.

Technology has significantly reduced the prices for the best dual camera baby monitor. Moreover, the quality is good. The strides made in the advancement of technology have seen manufacturers come up with various types of video monitors: the video screen, audio monitors, and audio monitors fitted pads that have sensors.

Many parents opt for audio monitors. However, video monitor ensures that parents not only listen to their babies but also see them real time. The video monitors have been fitted with multiple cameras.

This article has done an analysis of the various video monitors and accessories found in the market. The purpose is to put to rest the confusion that may arise when confronted with many options.

Digital Monitor with a video developed by Motorola

video monitorIn the technology world, Motorola is always on top as far as innovation and durability are concerned. Among their recent innovation is the monitor which has two cameras. It comes with two high-density cameras and full-color liquid crystal displays that measure 3.5 inches. The monitor has cameras with features that enable panning, tilting and zooming. This gives the parents a good view of the baby. In order for the baby to have a good sleep and be monitored simultaneously, there is an additional feature that utilizes infrared technology. This is ideal at night or in areas with poor lighting.

Video Baby Monitor Innovation by Motorola

This is another innovation from Motorola. This monitor utilizes double cameras and enables the parents to monitor two rooms. This is done simultaneously on the full-color LCD screen which measures 2.4 inches. The transmitting of the feed for both the audio and video is done live using the FHSS technology. No instances of dropped signals. An additional feature is the inclusion of LED lights. This is important in indicating the level of noise in the room. Like all other cameras, there is infrared night vision as well as features for panning, tilting, and zooming. A low battery alert is included.

Monitor 28980 Developed by Summer Infant

Summer Infant has developed this video camera for monitoring the baby. Two rooms or babies can be monitored simultaneously. The cameras have a kit for panning, scanning, zooming and a night vision feature. This ensures that the view is clear as far as the baby is concerned. A parent can talk to the baby using the two-way communication feature when in different rooms. The video monitor is hand held and has a feature that allows for splitting the screen. This enables feeds on both cameras to be viewed simultaneously. The video can cover about 600 feet.


baby and big sisterWhile all enhancements in security are made, we should never forget about the youngest member of the family. Their safety is equally important. The ideal video camera for monitors used in babies’ room will take care of all this. The above options are not exhaustive, but at least they are a step closer to enabling you to make informed choices.


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Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom remodeling should be done every once in a while. The reasons can be to improve the aesthetics, repair damages, or improve functionality among many others. Depending on the scope of the project, bathroom remodeling can be quite expensive. However, this should not make you shy from taking on the project, as there are a few tricks which you can use to make it affordable. Some of the tricks are highlighted below.

Tips to help with bathroom remodeling

Make a plan

The first thing that you have to do is to plan. The plan should entail all the details in relation to the entire project. Start by visualizing the results that you desire. Figure out everything that you will need to achieve those results. Finance, tools, equipment, and product among many other things, are some of the factors that you will need to consider. You should also have a systematic way of doing things, such that the project will cause the least inconvenience to you.

If the scope of the project is huge, you should get a floor plan to assist you with this. For example, if you intend to demolish walls, or move the electrical and plumbing systems, get a drawing that will indicate exactly where the new systems will be in place to avoid any costly errors. However, it is advisable that you build around your old plumbing and electrical system to avoid the heavy costs that are associated with moving them.

Use existing items

You do not have to invest in everything new for your remodeling project. You can consider using some of the existing items in your bathroom. You might need to refurbish them in a way to ensure that they look good, which costs a lot less compared to buying new ones. For example, you can simply add a new coat of paint to the existing bathroom cabinet as opposed to replacing the entire cabinet.

Use mirrors

bathroomsMirrors have a magical effect in bathrooms. They can make the room to appear bigger than it actually is. However, you have to arrange the mirrors on the walls in a way that will maximize this effect. Ensure that you get high-quality mirrors as well. If possible, the mirrors should have some decorative features to improve on the aesthetic effect. Stickers and small art projects are some of the things that you can use to decorate the mirrors.