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Three Best Japanese Restaurants in Singapore

Food experts and professional chefs all over the world seem to be in love with the Japanese culture wave hitting their countries that they take the food presentation and business to the next level. Singapore, in particular, is known to have a bunch of options when it comes to tasting the culture through the delicacy, directly prepared and served by experienced sushi makers and cooks. For the same reason, the country is indeed a heaven for those Japanese cuisine lovers. From small-scale food stalls to chain restaurants serving fine Japanese dining, Singapore proves to be a country with the most Japanese food enthusiasts. Thus, to upgrade your knowledge about the subject, below are the three best Japanese restaurants that you must visit at least once in a lifetime.

plates of fresh sashimi


When it comes to the right places to taste the delicacy, Raffles City is indeed a big name. Despite it being one of the most prominent names when people mention the most vibrant shopping centers in Singapore, Raffles City is surprisingly famous for Japanese sit-down restaurants. Marugame is one of the examples.

The brand is famous for its authenticity brought directly from its native land. The self-service system that the restaurant employs proves to be a compelling attraction for those coming to the area to feel the sensation of being a Japanese. With freshly-kneaded and cooked udon, open kitchen style, and original spices and recipes, Marugame is indeed a living legend in the history of udon-making.

Sushi Tei

The first rule about Japanese delicacy is that you must never call yourself a Japanese food enthusiast if you have not tasted the majestic delicacy of sushi. Indeed, the food is a must for every Japanese lover, and Sushi Tei arrives to satisfy your taste buds. The brand offers an extensive menu consisting of fresh sashimi, sushi rolls, ramen, rice bowls, and another Japanese signature dish, and the artistic food presentation will surely add plus points to every plate and bowl served. Totally worth your visit!

The Gyu Bar

Another great place to visit is The Gyu Bar. The site is specially designed for Japanese barbecued beef lovers that seek to enjoy the delicacy in a modern and cozy spot. One thing to note is that they are mighty serious about their beef and decide to purchase high-quality wagyu beef from Japan, served at an affordable price. Eight different cuts of meat with perfect marbling and clean flavor profile only cost you less than $100, and the complimentary cups of sake for every customer is definitely a big no-brainer.