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Why You Need Spare Parts For Your Packaging System Productivity

In the world of manufacturing, there is always the need for increased production. This is why every manufacturing company has large-scale packaging systems. To maintain productivity, it is vital that you have spare parts ready in case the packaging system breaks down.

By having the spare parts ready, your company can achieve its production goals to ensure that its products are shipped in time and delivered. Before you purchase any spare part for your packaging system, you will first have to identify the parts of your machines that will require spare parts. You will then have to plan so that you can stock the spare parts at the appropriate level that is required. This will enable you to maintain a production line that is continuous in your company. Here are the three types of parts of any machine that will always need spare parts.

Consumable parts

Spare PartFor any machine, these are the parts that usually wear out over time whenever they come into contact with other parts of the machine or products. These parts can’t typically be repaired. These parts, therefore, tend to be of lower costs. Stockpiling these parts is therefore affordable. An example of such part is the brake pad. It cannot be repaired since it wears out with time.

Minimum Critical Parts

These are parts that are essential to any machine functionality. They are usually typically unique for the operation of your machine. For example, for your packaging system, the seal jaw is unique for the system as it is specially designed for your system. In case it breaks down, you will need to place a special order so that it can be replaced. This is because although these minimum critical parts can be replaced, you cannot replace them through normal distribution channels.

Long Term Parts

These are parts that usually need to be replaced after several years when they eventually wear down. Examples of such parts include the drive rollers.

Importance of spare parts

Keeping a stock of spare parts for the packaging system of your company is very important because of the following reasons:

Reduced Downtime

Spare parts ensure that in case there is a breakdown of the packaging system facility, your production line will not be on shutdown. This is because you will replace the parts immediately and continue with the operation of your company.

Low Expediting Fees

Spare PartBy having spare parts for your production system, you won’t incur extra costs due to rush-shipping your machinery to be repaired. This will save you from frustrations and high expediting fees.