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Qualities to Look for in a Veterinary Clinic with Dr. Brenda Eisenhauer

Human beings have an unwavering love for pets. And just like human beings, they get sick too. Most people end up losing their lovely pets because of inadequate care from rogue and unskilled veterinary officers. You need to carry out your due diligence in finding a qualified pet doctor. According to Dr. Brenda Eisenhauer, a DVM at Parkside Veterinary Clinic located in Aurora, Colorado when one is looking for a good vet clinic, there are factors that you must consider before choosing a veterinary clinic to take your animal. You don’t just walk into some room being masqueraded to be an animal clinic. To help you make the right decision, here are the most important qualities to look for in a veterinary clinic.

Cleanliness and Overall Appearance

You do not want to take your pet to the clinic for a checkup and come back with other infection. You need to have a keen examination of the clinic environment. The physical appearance of the veterinary clinic communicates a lot about them. The examination room must be in a clean condition. Being a clinic for animals, smells and clutter may be felt everywhere, but the staff should be cleaning thoroughly. Look at the reception area and see how organized it is. The first impression is significant. Therefore, rule out a dirty clinic.


woman holding dogsA good clinic must have assistants who are ready to listen to you. Some are hostile and disrespectful. Such clinics should be avoided. Make sure you observe the virtue of compassion from the staff towards the pets and their owners.

If they talk to you while doing other things or operating a phone, do not allow them to handle your lovely pet. They should be keen to listen to you because the pet cannot talk. You are the one who knows what your pet is going through. So, ensure the assistant is compassionate.

A Passion for Animals

The staff should have a great passion for all animals. You can learn this from how they receive you and your pet. Professional veterinary assistants are so passionate towards the welfare of animals. Anyone who chooses this career must have the heart to make a difference by caring more about animals.

Empathy Skills

An excellent Veterinary Assistant must have great with skills. They should show genuine empathy to the pets. They must be ready to protect animals and respect them. Since some clients come freaked out, they should be in apposition to comfort them and understand how they feel about their pet’s health condition. A staff that does not care how you think is not fit for the job. Therefore, make sure you select a caring veterinary clinic.

In-House Treatments

Make sure you know whether the veterinary clinic does quality in-house treatments like taking X-rays, blood test, and surgical operations. If you ascertain that a given clinic does all the above, then do not hesitate to choose them. The state of their laboratory must be modern and tidy for accurate diagnostics and quick results.


Emergency Services

An excellent veterinary clinic should always reliable and caring. Your pet can get an accident or get sick at any time of the day. Therefore, an excellent veterinary clinic should offer emergency services. They to inquire about the kind of emergency services provided. They should work during off hours and holidays.


An excellent veterinary assistant should always be patient. Patience is manifested in many different ways. An excellent veterinary technician should be patient because they expect animals with different personalities. So an impatient technician can be a factor the loss of life of your lovely pet.